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about us

Society is all about good vibes: sharing good food, good drinks and good music, with good people.

Whether sunning yourself on our outside deck, kicking off the weekend at the bar with your best friends, celebrating your birthday party or cosying up to an intimate dinner for two near the fireplace, we’ve created a space where you can relax, connect and have some fun with loved ones over cool tunes, craft draught and delicious comfort food.

At Society, we prize realness, honesty and integrity – from the ingredients in our dishes to the craft beers we support, to the way we honour freedom, individual expression and, above all, fun. Our Society is one that that builds community, fosters relationships and where everyone is welcome.

Nominated in the “Best New Restaurant 2014” category – Winner RASA Rosetta Service Excellence Award 2014

what is craft beer?

Brewed with an emphasis on quality and taste, craft beer is growing in popularity. It is broadly defined as beer not brewed by any of the large multinational corporate breweries and is produced using traditional brewing methods, high quality, natural ingredients and a commitment to the craft. A true craft brewer avoids using additional grains, natural sugars, preservatives and flavourings in their beer, thus remaining a true artisan of the trade. They interpret historic methods and style with modern twists. Often the addition of unusual and non-traditional ingredients adds a distinctive twist to a craft beer. A good craft beer is unforgettable, instantly recognisable and combines good aromas and strong flavours. A distinctive, high quality craft beer is achieved because the brewers are intent on creating beer that is authentic and true to the art of brewing, with innovation becoming the hallmark of craft beer. Brewing craft beer is an art and a heritage.

We offer a wide range of popular craft beers, as well as a few house brands on-tap. Our selection of craft beers includes: Society, Skinny Elephant, Jack Black, CBC, Darling Slow Beer, Soweto Gold, Aces, Dragonfly, Copper Lake, Citizen Alliance, Bare Naked Blonde

Enquiries & bookings

    Find us

    Society Eatery & Craft Bar
    Merrow Down Plaza, 71 Troupant Avenue, Magaliessig, 2067, Lonehill, Fourways
    Johannesburg, Gauteng, (Behind GWM motor dealership)

    Society Fourways | Telephone: 011 467 9835
    Merrow Down Plaza, 71 Troupant Avenue, Magaliessig, 2067, Lonehill, Fourways, Johannesburg, Gauteng, (Behind GWM motor dealership)

    Monday to Thursday 12:00 – 23:00 | Friday & Saturday 12:00 – Late | Sunday – Closed