Why office parties don’t always need to suck!
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Why office parties don’t always need to suck!

Yes, we’ve all been there, done that and read the articles on how to survive the (often dreaded) annual office Christmas party. The do’s and don’ts typically read something like this…

[If you don’t feel like reading it all, skip to the last point. It’s by far the most important.]

Don’t think you can get out of it. It’s kind of compulsory: like showing up for work. Pulling a sickie or requesting leave on this particular day is likely to be frowned upon… especially by your boss.

If you are the boss, don’t even think you can get out of Number One.

Since there’s no way out of it, don’t bitch about it. Feign as much excitement and “ho ho ho!” holiday cheer as possible. And yes, be prepared to wear a Santa hat. And a smile on your face.

Speaking of dressing up, do dress appropriately. It is, after all, a work function and, even though you want to let your hair down, you need to come across as somewhat professional. This means not too much skin or chest hair. And yes, you should shave (legs and/or face).

On the topic of being fashionable, this is one occasion when being late is not.

Don’t bring a Plus One and try squeeze him/her at the table (or feed them drinks at the bar) unless he/she has been invited.

Do your best to mingle. We know office parties would be so much more fun if your co-workers weren’t actually invited but they are opportunities to chat to people who sit five minutes away from you but only ever mail you.

If ever you’re struck for something to say, just ask about holiday plans. Or suggest a shooter.

Even though you didn’t get your bonus, it’s not a reason to try compensate for it by drinking all the booze and drumming up one hell of a bill for your boss. Do your best not to be THAT guy.

Do keep it tidy – in conversation (loose lips sink ships: especially when gossiping about your boss and lack of a bonus), on the dancefloor (PG-13, people) and always with your shirt on (spilt tequila or no spilt tequila).


Do be scared of selfies. Social media: it’s a trap.

Have your office party at Society. At least you won’t have to pretend to have a good time.

Book yours now! Hey, even suggesting Society as the venue for your end-of-year office party may even get you a promotion. Please email info@societyeatery.co.za or call us on 011 467 9835.

We have a function menu we would be happy to mail you, or you can tell us what you’d like from our menu and we promise to dish up a meal – vibe included – that’ll be a sure-fire people pleaser.

Ho, ho, ho!

Maxine Hunkin